Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We're visiting my folks.  Their place makes it so easy for us to move in.  That's what happens when a family of 6 comes to town.  The kids have their own room with 2 sets of bunk beds.  This houses all the kids for sleeping, but creates choices every time we visit.  Who sleeps in what bunk?  Who gets the top?

At our house #1 has his own room.  In the past he chose the bottom bunk.  Most recently he switched to the top.  Now, during renovations, all of our beds are in the family room.  He's got the top and is "letting" #4 sleep in the bottom.  The girls have a triple bunk.  #2 has the top, #3 was in the middle and switched to the bottom after her appendectomy.  #4 always gets what is left.

Every trip to my folks has produced #1 sleeping in the top bunk.  #4 starts asking in advance, knowing this is her only chance to move up.  This makes it not fair for #2 and #3.  I left the room while they were negotiating.  #2 and #4 were on top.  #1 was in tears.  Part of me wants to say "suck it up, you've been on top your whole life."  The other side of me knows how he feels.

When I was little, we camped in a motor home.  The 2 bunk choices were above the driving seats or the bankette.  I hated the small space over the seats.  It was too claustrophobic.  I would throw a tantrum until my brother gave in and gave me the lower bunk.  Mind you, I was in middle school at this point.  A bit older than #1 is.

Oh yeah, I'm on this trip without hubby.  This means sleep time is all on me.  I'm usually done with my day at 7, with no more patience.  Its the part of my day that always gives me regret.

I felt proud to let the kids work out the solution on their own.  Or so I thought.  #1 was not happy and when he's not happy, he's a nudge.  He is stubborn and won't back down.  I've been where he is, but with 4, I can't back down.  Oops, I took this moment to tell him that he won't be having his bed when we move back into the back of the house.  Now he starts negotiating...."I want a t.v. in my room, a sofa,..." and so on.  The floor or the bottom were his only choices and I left the room.

He slept fine and late and said he bumped his head when he woke up in the morning.  How he managed this, I'll never know.  Good thing we're raising the ceiling in his bedroom at home.
6 peas in a pod.  Our sleeping arrangements while we update the bedrooms.

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