Friday, February 4, 2011

When I grow up

The title of todays post could also have been "hurry up, slow down".  I should remind you that I am not a very patient person.  I hear my kids projecting their future and it makes me think, hope and wish.  As a parent, my greatest wish is for my kids to be happy and secure.  Some days I question how we'll get there.  I wonder what paths they will choose and what will inspire them.  I feel the need to expose them to as many choices and opportunities as possible without making us all poor and crazy.  How and when do you find the inspiration if you don't try things?  When will the the great opportunity happen?  How does this work?  I'm past 40 and am still figuring it out.

#1 wants to work in or own a donut shop among other things.  Prior to that job, he thinks he'll work in one of the local frozen yogurt shops.  He's also wanted to sing the "national anthem" at a Cubs' game and play football.  His most significant wish is to be a University of Michigan Wolverine.  We have no ties to Michigan or its schools.  I'm supportive of all of his wishes and aspirations, except the football one (to be discussed later).  He wants to go to Michigan and play football and wonders how he will do that if I won't let him play football.  Go Blue and hopefully it will keep motivating #1 who hates school to trudge along.  Dad thinks he'd make a good Lawyer.  Don't tell #1 that that means law school and lots more tests.  He's the one questioning why there's school and why if his days are spent at school do they make you take more work home (aka homework)?  Life is unfair, but I hope he can find peace with the process because he's not even 1/2 way done with the school part.  To be honest, I'd envisioned him going to Davis since he has always loved animals.  Even longer than frozen yogurt and donuts.  Maybe because it is closer to home than Michigan, but I'd be fine with either.  He has amazing potential.  What will inspire him?  I can't wait to see.

#2 is hoping to play Major League Baseball.  She'd like to be the first girl, but I think it might be easier if someone else paved the way before her.  She's also expressed interest in being an artist and a teacher.  She is inspirational in every sport she does.  Part of it is because she's playing the boys' versions of the sports.  Boys are usually just wigglier creatures than girls at that age.  She's one of those girls who has very very good focus and memory.  She does not get those traits from her mother.  I've seen glimpses of entrepreneurialism  in her.  She's tried to think of businesses that can have a charitable component to them with a product that appeals to her peers.  I hope she can find balance in the boys world and still fit in with the girls and be happy.  I envisioned she'd go to Cal Poly.  I think it's a good school and it's close to where we like to camp.  Selfish and an unrealistic way to pick my kids' schools, I know.  Remember, this was just conjecture a few years ago.  I think maybe I'll keep her closer so her amazing memory can help me to remember all the stuff I tend to forget.

I see #3 going somewhere like Santa Cruz.  She has such a gift for connecting with people and doing things that suit her outgoing spirit.  I feel like Santa Cruz is a place with lots of personality, but not stuck up.  That describes #3 too.  She's already joined up with a friend and friend of that friend in a jewelry making business.  Crafts always hold her attention, especially when she should be doing homework.

#4 is capable of anything.  In her mind, she already knows how to do everything.  She can fly helicopters, knows directions to everywhere and is willing to use her money to buy anything we need.  She's been to college and can drive a car too.  She's been doing homework for years, even though she is not in kindergarten yet.  Her confidence is amazing.  She, like #3 has a way of story telling and connecting with people.  She's in charge of the house and her life and has been raising herself, her way all along.  I'm just here for opening her back and tickling it and refilling her tea.  She aspires to be a mom and have lots of babies.  I just ask her to wait until she is done with college.  I'd better be careful since in her imagination, she's been there and done that with respect to college.

I look to my future and wonder if there will be something momentous or inspirational to set an example for my kids.  For now, I guess trying to be the best parent I can will have to be it.

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